VMC Members

Support & Management

The Vidyalaya Management Committee (VMC) discharges a very important organ of the set up functions at the grass root level like a sincere and conscious guardian .It is very much associated with the administrative, academic, financial and above all the welfare measures of the Vidyalaya.This Vidyalaya is quiet fortunate to have a VMC comprising Director Mr. R. Appavuraj, Scientist - G Proof and Experimental Establishment Chandipur as ChairmanCapt. D. Chandrasekhar Staff Officer to Director, PXE Chandipur as Chairman's nominee as per KV'S norms.

Shri. S.K. Behera ,Principal, KV Balasore Chairman 06782-262175
Shri Sachindra Kumar Jena, Ofiicer GMTD Balasore Member 9437187080
Shri K. K. Mahakud, Balia, Balasore Member 9437112689
Smt. Swapna Kar, Sales Tax Colony Member 9438551360
Shri Banamali Jena, Qtr No. 54/1, Balasore Member 06782-268965
Shri Neeraj Kumar Singh Member  9338176497
Shri Ananda Gochhayat, Sahadevkhunta, Balasore Member  9853207270-
Shri Sunita Sahu, Railway Colony, Balasore Member  9438728341
Shri Nrushingh Charan Rout, In front of Central School, Balasore Member  9861032873
Shri Manoj Kumar Das, Motiganj, Balasore Member   9437295399
Smt. Bindu Kalpa Routray, Teacher, Range School, Chandipur Member   9437264831
Shri Laxmi Kant Chand, Defence Colony, Qtr No. 21 3/4 Member   9438290625
Shri P. Sahoo, Fakir Mohan Nagar, Balasore Member   9437953387
Shri B. B. DAS, TGT English, KV Balasore Teacher Member, 9776246507



Nominee Chairman
Dr. Puspalata  Sahoo, Principal, College of Teacher Education Balasore. Education Member
Sh. H. M.  Barik, PGT (Maths) Teacher Member
Member (Parent Representative)
Principal Member Secretary


Designation Name
Telephone Nos. with STD Code E-mail id
Office (O)
Res.    (R)
Fax (F)
Chairman Sh. R. Appavuraj Sc 'G', Director, PXE Chandipur 06782-272045(O) FAX-06782-272126
Nominee Chairman Capt. D. Chandrasekhar, Staff Officer to Director, PXE Chandipur 06782-272191(O)
Two Eminent Educationists. 1. Prof. Devi Prasad Mishra, HOD Department of MBA, F.M. University, Balasore.

2. Dr. Vijay Kumar Mohanty, Reader, Govt. B.Ed. College, Balasore.

9437323818 (M)


9437509325 (M)

An Eminent person of the Area known for outstanding work in the field of culture. Dr. Ramakanta Nayak , Retd. Professor, Dept of Oriya, F.M. Autonomous Junior College, Balasore 9437509444 (M)
Two Parents Member 1. Sh. Pranab Ghosh Sc.E, Scientist 'E' PXE Chandipur

2. Smt. Amita Patra, Subject Specialist Krishi Bigyan Kendra, Baliapal

9437533362 (M)

9237183622 (M)

An Eminent Medical Doctor Dr. B. P. Das HQ. Hospital, Balasore. 9437264540 (M)
A Representative of SC/ST Sh. Singu Marandi, District Treasury Officer, Balasore 8984390891 (M)
A Teacher Representative Sh. A. K. Singh Babu, Librarian, KV Balasore 9778338485 (M)
Co-opted Member Lt. Col. Siddhartha Verma, Garrison Engineer, R & D Chandipur.

9437566709 (M)

Chairman, CGEWCC Sri A Babjee AE(Civil), AGE (B&R) Balasore 9439139966 (M)
Member Secretary, Principal KV Balasore Sh. B. K. Pradhan Principal

06782 - 262175(O) 7077282182(M)


The members of the committee meet at least three times a year or as and when there is any exigency or emergency to take important decision. Besides there exist an Executive Committee which is empowered to control all the financial matters to prepare budgetary provision any alternation/ improvement desirable in the Vidyalaya. The committee also conduct interview to give appointment to the teachers on contractual/part time basis and also in some cases fixes the salary of some teachers appointed for a short period.

The Executive Committee before its initiation duly approves any plans or projects, which involve major expenditure. The committee also empowered to supervise the academic activities of the Vidyalaya, gives its recommendations for Academic improvement. To restore a clean and congenial atmosphere in the Vidyalaya the committee resorts to take harsh measures against disrupting elements.

After all the members of the Committee make co-ordinated and concerted effort to speed forth the development work of the Vidyalaya. It is because of their contribution the Vidyalaya has been one of the pace setting institution in Balasore district.